Ordination/Installation of Elders and Deacons

Sunday, September 23, 1013

This Sunday we share in the joy of ordaining and installing men and women elected to the offices of elder and deacon. Each of these member of Seattle First were recommended to the Officer Nominating Committee, which discerned together with them a sense of call to serve in these roles. Having been nominated by the Committee, they were then elected by the congregation.

To be ordained is to be “set apart” for service. One of our officers elect, Michelle Kennedy, will be ordained for the first time as a deacon.

Two of our officers elect, Beth Rullan and David Houk, have been ordained before and will be installed as deacons.

Three of our officers elect, Kathy Ostrom, Lindsey McDowell and Nathan Orona, are ordained as elders, just completed a term, and are being installed for a second term of three years.

Join us for worship this Sunday as we share in the ordination and installation of your elected officers and make our pledge to support and encourage their leadership.